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Unleash the Potential in Every Room: The Power of a Flooring Makeover

Is your home feeling a little…blah? Don’t underestimate the power of new flooring! At Tutto Moderno, we’re passionate about helping you transform your space with beautiful, functional floors. Here’s how new flooring can take your home from drab to fab:

1. Instant Aesthetic Upgrade:

Flooring is a major design element – it sets the tone for the entire room.  New flooring in a stylish laminate, vinyl, hardwood, or porcelain tile can instantly elevate your space, creating a fresh and modern look.

Parkay XPR Standards 2.0 Basel Oak
Parkay XPR Standards 2.0 – Basel Oak

2. Breathe New Life into Every Room:

Tired of tired-looking floors? Update your kitchen with sleek porcelain tile, add warmth and character to your living room with rich hardwood, or create a spa-like retreat in your bathroom with waterproof vinyl. New flooring can revitalize any room!

Hardwood Flooring - Premium Craftsmanship
Välinge-Woodura Oak Nature Misty White XXL

3. Improved Functionality and Flow:

The right flooring can enhance your home’s functionality.  Consider easy-care vinyl for high-traffic areas, comfortable carpets for bedrooms, or water-resistant options for kitchens and bathrooms.  New flooring can improve traffic flow and create a more cohesive feel throughout your home.

Parkay XPL Organics Mist
Parkay XPL Organics – Mist

4. Increased Value and Appeal:

New flooring is a fantastic investment that can significantly boost your home’s value.  Potential buyers are drawn to beautiful and modern finishes, making your home stand out in the market.

Kronoswiss Origin WPL Moon
Kronoswiss Origin WPL – Moon

5. Enhanced Comfort Underfoot:

Imagine walking on a cloud (or warm wood!). The right flooring can create a more comfortable living environment.  Consider the plush comfort of carpet, the smooth feel of hardwood, or the resilience of vinyl for a luxurious underfoot experience.

Parkay XPS Mega Sound Aluminum Gray
Parkay XPS Mega Sound – Aluminum Gray

6. A Blank Canvas for Your Design Vision:

New flooring can be the foundation for a complete home makeover! Once you’ve chosen your perfect floor, it’s easy to update furniture, paint colors, and décor to create a cohesive and stylish space that reflects your personality.

Parkay XPR Antique Cedar
Parkay XPR Antique – Cedar

7. A Sense of Accomplishment and Pride:

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of completing a home improvement project.  New flooring can be a transformative upgrade that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Europine SPC Vinyl Waterproof Fortika Collection Viva Series Bonega 1304
Europine SPC Fortika Collection Viva Series – Bonega 1304

Tutto Moderno is your one-stop shop for all your flooring needs.  We offer a wide variety of high-quality laminate, vinyl, hardwood, and porcelain flooring options, along with expert advice and professional installation services.  Visit us or contact us today to make an appointment and discover the perfect floor to transform your home from drab to fab!


By Tutto Moderno, 2024