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Dive into the world of waterproof SPC rigid core vinyl and wood-inspired looks.

Let’s explore the waterproof wonders of vinyl flooring, specifically the innovative SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) rigid core vinyl. These flooring options combine practicality, durability, and aesthetic appeal:

1. Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) Composition:

  • Backing Layer: Provides stability and prevents warping.


  • Core Layer: Made from PVC vinyl mixed with stabilizers for thickness and durability.


  • Design Layer: High-resolution photographic layer mimics natural materials like wood or stone.


  • Wear Layer: Protects against scratches and enhances waterproofing, making it ideal for bathrooms.
Coreproof Floors Hydrowood Collection – Mokana
Coreproof Floors Hydrowood Collection – Mokana

2. Materials and Manufacturing Process:

  • LVT uses SPC vinyl with carefully selected stabilizers, ensuring elegance and exceptional performance.


  • Precise layering and fusion create a versatile and robust product.


  • Explore different thickness options to suit various needs.
Europine SPC Fortika Collection Viva Series – Natura 4211
Europine SPC Fortika Collection Viva Series – Natura 4211

3. Waterproof Features:

  • Wear Layer: A transparent shield made from urethane acts as a moisture barrier. It ensures water, spills, and dampness don’t affect the floor’s beauty or functionality.


  • Angle Click Technology: The Angle Click system locks planks or tiles tightly together, leaving no room for water seepage. Perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, it offers a seamless experience.
Parkay XPS Mega Sound – Carbon Brown
Parkay XPS Mega Sound – Carbon Brown

4. Avoid Non-Waterproof Flooring:

  • Non Waterproof Laminate Flooring: Visually appealing but susceptible to water damage. Swelling, warping, and discoloration occur with exposure to moisture, making it unsuitable for damp areas like bathrooms.


  • Natural Wood Flooring: Rich in texture but fares poorly in wet environments. Moisture can penetrate, causing rot and weakening the structure, leading to costly repairs.
Parkay XPR Antique Cedar
Parkay XPR Antique – Cedar

5. Authentic Wood-Look Vinyl:

  • SPC rigid core vinyl comes in plank, herringbone, and tile formats, all resembling real wood flooring. Enjoy the aesthetics without compromising on water resistance.
Parkay XPR Laguna Sound Spice Log
Parkay XPR Laguna Sound – Spice Log

In summary, SPC rigid core vinyl offers the best of both worlds: timeless wood-inspired looks and unbeatable waterproof performance! Do not hesitate to contact our team of experts at Tutto Moderno for more guidance on selecting and installing flooring for your home. Your satisfaction is our priority. Transform your home with style and durability with Tutto Moderno!

By Tutto Moderno, 2024